This software has been installed in all the District Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries of State.
    The bills are presented in the Treasury at Token section, where computerized Token No. is assigned to every bill or challan. Then the bill is referred to the bill passing section. On feeding, token No. in the computer in bill passing section, all the information is reflected by the computer. Subsequently bill is passed or objected by the District Treasury Officer/Treasury Officer in the same process.
The accounts of Sub-Treasury are being uploaded in the District Treasury accounts directly and porting of accounts is being done through pen drives. The accounts of District Treasury are being rendered to the Accountant General Office through soft copy as well as the physical vouchers and reports.
This has improved the overall working of the Treasury and the budget of all the Departments is being controlled at the Treasury level due to successful implementation of OLTIS.
    In the computerized System, the District Treasury has been made hub of the Pension Disbursement System.
    A Database of all the Pensioners in a District has been  created at the District Treasury, which were earlier
      being maintained manually. All the PPOs,i.e. Disburser’s half only lying with Pension Authorities in the District has been  brought back and retained at the District Treasury.
    District Treasury generates branch wise payment scrolls of the pension to be paid to the pensioners.
      The pensioner’s account in the branches of the Designated Bank is credited before the 1st of each month.
    All pensioners drawing pension from a particular bank branch has a saving account in that branch. This will keep changing as per the option of the pensioners as the Pensioners have been given option to change the bank branch. Scrolls are being sent to the Link Branch. Link Branch arranges to send these to the designated pension disbursing bank branches.
    Disbursements are made on the basis of scrolls, which are then sent back by the bank branches after the accounts of the pensioners have been credited.
    These branches have saving bank accounts of pensioners. Disbursement is given on the basis of scrolls, which are then sent back after the accounts of the pensioners have been credited. 
    The pension of all pensioners approximately 78,000 of State Government is being computerized under e-Pension Project and taken over by District Treasuries through out State w.e.f.1.8.2006.H.P. State was awarded Golden Icon Award in 9th e-Governance Conference at Kochin for this e-Pension Project.
Computerization of Sub treasuries
  The department developed a comprehensive & efficient information system by computerizing the accounts in
    District Treasuries in client server architecture. All District Treasuries are on Online Information System where presently bills are passed Online and the expenditure of all the departments is being controlled by the District Treasuries.
  Apart from the above, department has completed computerization of Sub-Treasuries in which Sub-Treasuries are also running the OLTIS software and they prepare accounts on this system. Accounts are being sent to district treasuries and directly uploaded into accounts of District Treasuries. All the Sub-Treasuries have been computerized since financial year 2006-07. Besides it, Department has also been sanctioned an amount of Rs. 3.14 Crores by the Central Government for Integrated Pay and Accounts Offices project. Under this Project, 51 designated Treasuries have been converted into Integrated Pay and Accounts Offices. This Project has been completed in time bound manner in December, 2007.
  During the year 2005-2006,all the departments were brought under budget control at the level of Sub Treasuries too.
    Treasuries have started exercising SOE wise check on expenditure in respect of all the Departments, which has facilitated the Govt. to ensure incurring expenditure strictly according to the purpose and appropriation authorized by the Legislature.
Integrated Pay & Accounts Offices
  eSalary PROJECT.
    Software has been developed and installed at the 51 designated treasuries wherein data base on salary record
      of H.P. Government employees of each DDO has been created. At the initial stage this project was placed on trial in Capital Treasury on 30.9.2006. Trial runs were successful, so the project was fully operationalized in Capital Treasury w.e.f. 30.11.2006. In rest of the 50 designated treasuries project was made operational from December 2007 onwards. The DDO provides all information in respect of each employee regarding any change in salary of employee between 20 and 23 of every month. The treasury is responsible only for paying salary on the basis of information received from the DDO as all record lies with the DDO.
    Treasury is responsible for generating employee wise salary scroll of each DDO. One consolidated cheque
      is handed over to DDO to be payable at bank branch at the end of every month. At present the officials of the treasury are responsible for the input of the monthly changes in the database. The project relies on the HIMSWAN connectivity. Once the connectivity is provided, the DDOs would be able to effect changes through the internet. Although as a trial run ,the department has provided login IDs to a few DDOs attached to the Capital Treasury, who access the database from their offices using internet and carry out monthly changes.
    All the schedules to be enclosed with the bills are generated at the treasury.Only one salary bill, per scheme
      per DDO is generated. The details given in the Pay bill register of DDO are supplied to the DDO. A consolidated annual payment report will be supplied to each DDO in the month of April. Similarly employee-wise report of annual salary payments will also be given to each employee for the purpose of Income Tax.
    The full implementation of this project will facilitates all the employees to access their salary relating
      information through the official website of this department . It is envisaged that the program will facilitate direct transfer of budget to Treasuries under the salary head, and the centralized database of all the employees of H.P Government can be used for the generation of PMIS. It will reduce the paper work, less movement of bundles of pay bills and will avoid the duplication of work at the DDO and Treasury level. This will curb the tendency of drawing salary at the places other than places of posting.