Functions of Department

Functions of Department
  Financial transaction of State Government
    Receipts due to the Government
    All payments on behalf of Government.
  Proper Accounting/compilation of Government Accounts
  Rendition of accounts to the Accountant General
  Nodal agency for procurement and distribution of Non-Postal stamps.
  Custodian of valuables, opium  etc.
  Nodal agency of Pension disbursement system.
  Supplying of voucher No. and CTRs to the DDO’s
   Budget control / Financial control of DDO’s.
  Advisory Role in Financial matters to DDO’s.
  As a banker in Non-Banking Sub Treasuries.
Work profile of different wings of treasury.
  District Treasury
    Bill passing section.
    Accounts Section
    Treasurer Section
Token Section
  Bill is presented at first stage in this section and unique number known as Token Number  is assigned to the bill. The
    bill is routed through the token section  in its back journey.
Bill Passing Section
  Main  function of this section is to scrutinize the bills properly and pass or object the bills according to rules /
  LOC is received from respective circles of PWD and IPH and further authorization is issued to bank and sub treasury.
  This section  maintains and compiles  the GIS account of the district.


  This section receives PPOs of State and Interstate Pensioners from A.G. Office and maintain the proper record and
    generate pension scroll of the state pensioners for disbursement at various bank branches.
  This section deals with the  maintenance of the deposit account of different departments and submit the monthly
    accounts statement and lapsed statement etc. to the A.G. and authorize the payment through refund vouchers or Cheques.
Accounts Section
  The compilation of accounts of receipts and payments of district are done in this section and further submitted  to
    Accountant General of  H.P.  CTR, check list and voucher list are generated and further supplied to all DDOs by this section
Treasurer Section
  The stamps are stored in the strong room which are received from Nodal Depot and supplied to the public directly 
    and to stamp vendors. Opium, valuable, duplicate keys of chests of different departments, cheque books , receipts books and any other material as ordered by Collector are stored in the strong room.