At State Headquarter the Govt. Residential Accommodation of General Pool is under the control of the Director of Estates being the head of the Department and the Allotment of Govt. Residential Accommodation of General Pool , preparation of priority list/waiting list of applications for allotment of Govt. accommodation of each type of houses and to update it in every quarter, issue of Allotment orders regarding allotment Govt. Residential accommodation to the allottees including Ministers/ MLA’s etc, their occupation and vacation , recovery of licence fee and issue of final No demand certificate after retirement/ vacation of Govt. accommodation are being maintained by the Department. In addition to this a regular process to issue monthly Rent Demand to the Drawing & Disbursing Officer’s of the concerned allottees for effecting the recovery of licence fee from their pay bills, posting of such recovery in the individual accounts of each allottees, correspondence with the PWD for occupation/ vacation report of accommodation, assessment of rent ,measurement of plinth area of house, complaints of repairs and also keep watch on unauthorized occupation, subletting of accommodation and such other complaints etc. The cases of unauthorized occupation and recovery of outstanding licence fee are being dealt by initiating eviction and recovery proceedings under the provisions of Himachal Pradesh Public Premises and Land ( Eviction and Rent Recovery ) Act,1971.

Director of Estates.

  • The Additional Secretary (SAD) to the Government of Himachal Pradesh is functioning as Ex-Officio Director of Estates, Himachal Pradesh. The Director is exercising all the powers adjoined upon the heads of the Department in Himachal Pradesh Government.
  • He shall exercise the powers delegated to him as Collector under the provisions of Himachal Pradesh Public Premises and Land (Eviction and Rent Recovery) Act,1971,in respect of premises belonging to the State Government in Shimla.
  • He shall control the entire work of allotment of Government Residential accommodation of the General Pool in Shimla and its allied work such as issue of formal allotment orders and keep the record of recovery of the licence fee effected from the allot tees of state Govt. including Ministers, Members of Legislatures and press correspondents etc. the on the basis of their occupation and vacation reports.
  • He shall submit the vacancy positions of all type of accommodation of General Pool to the Government for Allotment on the basis of seniority list prepared by the Department and also forward the applications for change of accommodation received on the prescribed Performa .
  • He shall submit to the Government budget and appropriation proposals for the whole department.
  • All the reports and returns to the Government, monthly, quarterly, yearly as required by the Government from time to time in respect of the Department shall be submitted by him or under his authority by any officers of the Department he shall delegate the powers on his behalf.
  • He shall exercise all the powers delegated to him by the state Government from time to time and shall directly answerable to the Government.

Estate Officer

  • The Estate Officer being a middle level officer shall assist the Director of Estates, Himachal Pradesh in the performance of his duties and responsibilities
  • He has been delegated with the powers of Head of Office and Drawing & Disbursing Officer in respect of Directorate of Estates.
  • He shall be required to inspect the Government Residential accommodation to check any unauthorized occupation, subletting and any complaints regarding repairs etc.
  • He will carry out inspection in the various localities of the General Pool residential accommodation in Shimla at least twice in a year along with the concerned in charge of the public works Department and placed the suggestions on the grievances of the allot tees of the area to the Govt. with the consultation of concerned Executive Engineer, PWD.
  • He will act as Public Information Officer (PIO) in respect of Directorate of Estates, H.P. under the Right to Information Act,2005.
  • Any other duty pertaining to Estate Department activities as may be assigned by the Director of Estates
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