HP Government Employee - Arrear Calculation and Fixation
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Pay in Payband Mismatch ?
  • In 90% cases system calculates the pay in the pay band correctly. In some cases it may differ.
  • For such cases open fitment table and put corresponding value (col 2) of fitment table in optional field.

  • Promotion/ACP Case ?
  • Calculate in Parts.
  • Change Query Dates
  • Enter Pre-Revised and Revised Values

  • I Want my Increment in New Scale ?
  • My Basic as on 01/01/2006 Say 4550 in (3120-5160...5910-20200+1900)
  • and Basic on 31/12/2005 is 4400 in (3120-5160...5910-20200+1900)
  • Check your payband pay as per fitment table against 4400 ie. 8190
  • Calculate increment @3% of (8190+1900) =302.70 round to 310 and add 310 to 8190 =8500
  • Your band pay on Jan,2006 will be Rs 8500
  • Put this value (8500) in revised col and (4550) in Pre-revised col
  • Calculate your arrear.
    The Arrear calculation is indicative only. Check with your DDO.
  • Employee Name
    Select Convertion table
    Basic as on 01-01-2006 (Pre Revised)
    Pay in the Pay band as per Fitment table (Revised)
    Increment Month
    Select Query
    Himachal Pradesh Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules 2009 (Click for Fitment table)
    Disclaimer: The Arrear calculation is indicative only.
    Note: Optional means-> Enter corresponding pay in the pay band (col. 2) as per fitment table. if it varies ?