Himachal Pradesh e-Challan : A Gateway of Govt. Receipts
eChallan -: Frequently Asked Questions
General Question
What is eChallan ?
an online Government Receipts Accounting System of Himachal Pradesh Goverment. The departments which generate revenue for the Government are associated with eChallan. A Citizen can deposit all type of Himachal Pradesh State government receipts using this Portal.
Who can use this website?
Any user, who has to deposit government receipts, can use this facility. The user may be single person, name of association,entity, government/semi government units,corporates, departments etc.
What type of users count to website ?
To facility this website, there are two types of users namely-
1. Non Registered users
2. Registered users
Why should I register?
1. Ease of operation and convenience
2. Facility is available on 24x7 basis
3. One can deposit on behalf of the firm, company and others
4. On-line payment of taxes (No more queues and waiting)
5. On-line Filling of single challan form minimum fields of the challan need to be filled. Most of the fields are populated automatically.
What all points are to be take care while preparing challan through eChallan ?
1: Use of special characters should be avoided.
2: Don’t use separators like “,” , or ‘-‘ etc.
3: Fill values for all mandatory fields.
4: Check all values before finishing the process.
Can I get a list of all transaction generated through eChallan ?
Yes, you can get it by using the "Search Challan" option.
What should I do to get smooth services on eChallan ?
1: Update your account profile with the latest information.
2: Change your password frequently.
3: Use your own user ID on eChallan instead of using Guest Account.
How can I change my password ?
First login and then select the "Change Password" option.
What information should I supply to raise a query about my transaction ?
Always supply HIMGRN number and Bank name to initiate queries about the transactions made through eChallan.
Which fields make the transaction unique at eChallan site ?
HIMGRN, BankCIN and Treasury Challan numbers are the fields which make the transaction unique at eChallan. Treasury Challan number is generated by Tresury after reconciliation.

Related To Transaction

What is the difference between two types of users?
A registered user have his own profile and he have to facility to access/view his previous transactions, but non registered user can’t use this type of facilities.A user can use "Search Challan" facility to check status of a transaction.
What will be process to use eChallan ?
For this purpose, the users have to login to website.
Step 1: The non registered user can login to
User Name – guest
Password - No need to enter any password.
Step 2: If any user want to became registered user, then he should use "Create New Account" from Home page. Users have to fill up all the mandatory fields. A user must have a valid emailid.
(For overview of the complete process, it is suggested to use user manual available on website)
How do I know whether my bank provide this facility ?
The list of banks providing this facility is available on website, Alternatively you may get the information from your bank also.
How can I generate a Challan from eChallan ?
To check the complete process, click user manual.
can I get extra copy of challan generated on eChallan ?
You can get extra copies from your account on eChallan by clicking on view/Pdf option. or using "Search Challan" facility, Challan generated will be password protected. Your Password is First 3 characters of Name entered as Tender by and Last 5 digits of Your Mobile No. Password is in Capital Letters.
What if any payment is successful at Bank but not updated on eChallan ?
To update the same and to get a challan, open the Search Challan link and select date of transaction or enter eChallan/Bank Ref.No/TenderBy and use Verify with bank link to update response from Bank server.
What if any payment is successful at Bank but showing Failure in eChallan ?
If your Bank Account Debited and Challan status is failed, do not do payment again and Send eMail to Cyber Treasury team with HIMGRN no. You may contact Cyber-Treasury Officer,Mr Ajay (DTO Cyber Treasury) Phone no. : 0177-2620236 Timings : 10PM - 5AM or write to us at Cyber Treasury team

Related to Bank
What is the procedure after being directed to the net banking site of the bank?
eChallan system will direct you to net-banking facility of your bank. You will have to log on to the net banking site of your bank using your login ID and password provided by the bank. You can also use MOPS (Multiple option Payment system) to use multiple banks debit cards/net banking facility.
It is similar to booking tickets or making payments online. All types of government receipts can be paid through internet, using net banking facility.
What will happen after I confirm the deposit of government receipt at my bank's site?
Your bank will process the transaction online by debiting the bank account indicated by you and generate a printable acknowledgment/eChallan with the Bank Challans Identification Number (Bank CIN).
If I encounter any problem while making payment through internet whom should I contact?
If any problem encountered at the eChallan website while entering non-financial data then contact e-Treasury Officer,Mr Ajay (DTO Cyber Treasury) Phone no. : 0177-2620236 Timings : 10PM - 5AM or write to us at Cyber Treasury team
If any problem encountered while entering the financial details at the net-banking web page of your bank, then you should
contact your bank for assistance.
How does the new system benefit me?
The new system is of great benefit to the common user. Now a single simplified Challans has to be filled up replacing the complicated three-copy Challans. This Challans can be filled up much faster. Secondly, it will be possible to obtain an acknowledgement for government receipts at your the Government site immediately. Further, once you have the Challans copy with the Government Reference Number (GRN) and you have reconciliation work much fast, errorless and with more flexible facilities.
What if I am not being redirected to bank’s site to make online payment after submitting the challan form generated from eChallan site ?
Check your challan details again, and fill values for all mandatory fields.
And if the problem still exists, contact to e-Treasury/Banks for the same.
Which banks are authorized to make payment from eChallan ?
Only authorized banks are given in list of banks on eChallan.
What if I don’t get electronic receipt after e-payment ?
If you don’t get it at the time of payment confirmation then check it again on the bank website.
If it is successful at bank but not Updated at eChallan portal, To update the response and to get a challan, open the Search Challan link and select date of transaction or enter eChallan/Bank Ref.No/TenderBy and use "Verify" link to update response from Bank server.

Related to Security
What is Himachal Government Receipt Number (HIMGRN) and what is its relevance?
HIMGRN is generated on the Challan to uniquely identify the government receipt. HIMGRN is also to be quoted in any further enquiry. Therefore, you must ensure that 10 digit HIMGRN generated is properly noted and saved.
A separate Bank CIN (Challan Identification Number) is generated for each eChallan paid online.
How secure is the transmission of data to the website for e- payment?
All transmission through this website is encrypted and is with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) authentication. With respect to the banks, it depends on the security measures provided by the bank for net banking.Cyber-Treasury do not store net banking credentials of Users.
How can I retrieve my password in case of forget password ?
Follow the Steps :-
1: Select the "forgot password" link given in the home page of eChallan site.
2: Provide your email ID of eChallan for which you want to retrieve your password.
3: Enter Answer of Security Question.
4: Click on the "Submit" Button. This will send an email to reset password.